Gibraltar GI804612 Pro Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand 6709 – Stalak za činelu

17.780,00 рсд

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  •  Professional features yet light in weight for easy transportation
  •  Double braced tripod base provides maximum stability without heavy weight
  •  Casted SUPER LOCK HEIGHT ADJUST, Hinged height adjustment with ABS protective tube inserts and wing tension memory lock
  •  Nylon collar inserts for no metal to metal contact
  •  Hideaway boom arm with hinged memory lock
  •  Gearless Brake Tilter gives 360 positioning, fitted with drum key lock for extra security
  •  Extends 23″ to 58” with 3⁄4″ – 1” – 1-1⁄8″ diameter tubes
  • Gewa item number: 804612