GEWA FX SOFTCASE – Koferi za gitare

10.980,00 рсд

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  • Very light case with styrofoam core
  • Black, screw-attached nylon cover with edge protectors
  • Rucksack assembly with metal snap hooks
  • Unlike many other suppliers of similar soft cases, our FX models have plywood on top and back and are lined all around.
  • Accessory compartment, music sheet pocket
  • Black padding
  • Continuous zipper

Form shaped cases:

F560.010 Classic guitars
F560.020 Western Guitar 6-string
F560.075 E-Guitar “S”-shape
F560.077 E-Guitar “LP”-shape
F560.085 E-Bass “P-shape”
F560.090 E-Bass 

Rectangular case:

F560.080 E-Guitar Universal
F560.085 E-Bass Universal