DARCO D9100 JAZZ LIGHT – Set žica za električnu gitaru

790,00 рсд

The Darco D9100 Guitar Strings 12-52 is a set of nickel wound jazz light electric guitar strings. Martin’s Darco electric guitar strings meet the need for ultimate value. All components meet strict quality standards and carry the C. F. Martin & Co. commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you play rock, blues, folk, country, or jazz, Darco has the right string for you. Darco electric guitar strings are made with value in mind, without compromising performance or tone. These sets are specifically designed for rock and jazz. The nickel plating provides great tarnish resistance and is a perfect complement to magnetic pickups.

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  • D9100
  • Nickel Wound
  • Jazz Light
  • .012-.016-.024-.032-.042-.052