ALPHA AUDIO MIX 16 DSP – Mikseta, pasivna

67.980,00 рсд

ALPHA AUDIO is the latest brand for P.A. equipment and accessories in the distribution of GEWA. The development team attached importance to best sound properties, high-value manufacture, easy usability and many-sidelines use. From the amplification from a keyboard or microphone in the living room with an ALPHA-AUDIO Active Box to a fully-fledged complete P.A. for whole bands live or in the rehearsal room – We are very happy to offer the right product to musicians for all use with overhanging sound properties at moderate prices.

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  • 4 Auxiliary sends / 2 post fader / 2 switchable in channel in pre and post fader
  • Mixer with 16 input channels, 4 sub-outputs and stereo master
  • 8 or 10 switchable microphone inputs with 4 or 2 stereo channels
  • Low noise mic amps, switchable phantom power, impact noise damping
  • Mono channels with integrated compressor/limiter and “direct out” for recording at channel 1-8
  • 3 Band EQ incl. semi-parametric mids in mono channels and 4 band EQ with fixes mids at the stereo channels
  • 2-Track in/output linked with USB Audio for stereo recording and playback of the main Mix Signals
  • Integrated 24 Bit DSP individual editable for mainly functions in the most important parameters
  • 4 Subgroups with 8 direct outs
  • Control-room out for recording/ 2 headphone outputs
  • Universal audio monitoring matrix for recording solution
  • Constructed for home-recording as well as live