Alpha Audio Mic Filter - Pop filter


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  • 35 cm Elastic boom / gooseneck
  • The popfilter is screwed on the elastic boom and changeable
  • 2 Layer nylon textyle to obviate acoustic distortion at maximum effect
  • Diameter 15 cm / support 14 cm, nylon material
  • Screwed on microphone stand, universal adjustable
  • GEWA Item No.: 170.842

ALPHA AUDIO is the latest brand for P.A. equipment and accessories in the distribution of GEWA. The development team attached importance to best sound proberties, high-value manufacture, easy usability and many-sidedness use. From the amplification from a keyboard or microphone in the livingroom with an ALPHA-AUDIO Active Box to a fully-fledged complete P.A. for whole bands live or in the rehearsal room - We are very happy to offer the right product to musicians for all use with overhanging sound proberties at moderate prices.

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Alpha Audio Mic Filter - Pop filter

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